Pot lights are also known as recessed lights that can bring a lot of brightness to a dark room. They are installed directly into the ceiling of your house, office, garage or outside areas. They are totally hidden after installation and look like a part of a ceiling because of their designs.

Qplus Home believes that brightening your home can also brighten your mood and your overall life. Qplus home is a proud Canadian company which is bringing luminance to every home and a quality way of living. 

Qplus Home offers more than 2000 cutting-edge SKUs in these categories which will compliment your home with ease and can be a perfect selection for it.

We have recently launched a few modern design, digital and smart recessed lights which may be a great upgrade for your home and boost your capabilities in it. 

Few of the new Smart Home Series lighting products for your home are as follows:


QPlus 5/6 Inch LED Downlight Retrofit Bluetooth Speaker - White Frame

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QPlus 4 Inch Smart Slim LED Pot Light (WiFi - No Hub) - RGB 16 million colors & Tunable White 2700K to 6500K - White Trim

*Multiple color trim options are also available.

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  QPlus 11 Inch Smart Flat Flush Mount (WiFi - No Hub) - Dimmable, 16 Million Colors & Tuneable White 2700K to 6500K
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Features of SMART Home Series:

  1. Easily accessible remotely through a Tuya Mobile app. (Apple store and Google Play
  2. Compatible with Google Home & Amazon Alexa
  3. Time Setting features enable you to schedule the turn ON/OFF time
  4. IC Rated & cUL Certified with 3 and 5 Years Warranty
  5. 25,000+ hours of minimum lifetime
  6. A+ energy label which makes them extremely energy efficient


QPlus slim LED pot lights are a completely new smart way of lighting option in your home. You can easily operate these mounts via your mobile or tablet. The light source is set via an application called Tuya app (Apple storeGoogle Play) which can be found on the App store or Google Play. Note that the App works with Wifi.

The Smart light sources are adjustable in all RGB colors or white if desired. In additon, they are dimmable in color temperature, simply adjust color temperature or switch them on/off  via Tuya. That way you get a chance to create your own atmosphere and embellish your home. They have a capacity of 1000 lumens which makes them a real powerhouse! Moreover, they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home.

Upgrade lights today and make your home more smarter!