The technology has gone so far and hasn’t left behind the lighting industry.
Now the lights do not only brighten your home but can also be a part of the Smart Home Technology. Doesn’t matter what the occasion is, you can always set the ambience according to your mood and environment.

QPlus slim LED pot lights are a totally new smart way of lighting option in your home. You can easily operate these mounts via your mobile or tablet. The light source is set via an application which is called Tuya app that works with the help of WiFi. Find on Apple's App Store OR Google Play.
Lighting is essential for creating a particular ambience. While the room remains the same, our Smart Led Pot Lights help you to create a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Whether you want to add up a playful and energetic spirit in your kid’s room or play zone, or make your kitchen and living area  attractive and pleasing for house parties, gatherings, special occasions, or to simply relax after a working day and stay in tranquility, Qplus Smart Led Pot Lights will come in handy. We guarantee that you would feel like staying at your home longer while using Our Smart Pot Lights. On top of that, QPlus Home offers a variety of Trim colors such as black, bronze, yellow, pink, blue and brushed nickel. Yellow, pink and blue would be a perfect fit for a girl's and boy’s room whereas black, bronze or brushed nickel may suit your home office, basement or hallway.
The light source is adjustable in all RGB colors and white if preferred. Use a mobile app Tuya to turn the pot light ON and OFF and to set the light colors. It is dimmable in color temperature via the app as well. The Smart Pot Lights have a capacity of 750 lumens,  50,000 burning hours. Additionally, the product is flicker-free, wet-rated and Energy Star/cUL Certified  and is backed with 5 Year Warranty which makes it energy efficient and safe to use. The Smart Pot  lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home which  enables  you to use them as a part of the Home Automation. 
At Qplus Home we offer you a couple of options from The Smart Home Series:
  1. QPlus 4 Inch Smart Slim LED Pot Light (WiFi - No Hub) - RGB 16 million colors & Tunable White 2700K to 6500K - White Trim
  2. QPlus 11 Inch Smart Flat Flush Mount (WiFi - No Hub) - Dimmable, 16 Million Colors & Tuneable White 2700K to 6500K
  3. QPlus 4 Inch LED Smart WiFi Slim Gimbal Pot Light White Trim (WiFi - No Hub) - RGB 16 million colors & Tunable White 2700K to 6500K 
Take a look at how the Smart Pot Lights can easily fit in any room of your home:


Using high-quality LED chips, up to 750LM, illuminate every place in your house. High color rendering effectively shows true colors, to protect your eyes against the irritation by the high-light.


Living Room

Flexibly adjust the brightness from 100% to 5%. Even at midnight you can change to the lowest light without any flicking or noise.



This recessed light’s high-quality standards and safe operation are assured, even at workplaces.


To sum up, there are definitely a couple of huge advantages of using Qplus Home Smart LED Lights:

  1. Boost of your capabilities as a homeowner
  2. User-friendliness: easily controlled via Tuya app
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Adjustment of lights to suit your mood/occasion/atmosphere


Qplus Home Smart Series Pot lights are downlights that you should have in your home.


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